I think Zodiac Casino might have lost their minds.

They’re so confident that you will enjoy their casino, that they’re offering a mindblowing 2000% deposit bonus for all new players this Christmas 2013 season.

Here’s how it works – you deposit $1. Yep, that’s it – a buck.

Then they give you $20 free immediately, so you instantly have $21 in your account.

All that for just a buck! Head on over to Zodiac Casino and deposit $1 and get $21 immediately.

That’s not all at Zodiac Casino. They’ve got a $100 free bonus on your NEXT deposit. Offering 500 different casino games, they have one of the best slots selection on the market with some amazing Christmas slots.

Then they’re doing a $25,000 giveaway this Christmas as well, with no deposit or anything required. You just enter your name and you join the sweepstakes.

One of my favourite parts about Zodiac Casino is they actually offer casino related horoscopes. For example they’ll suggest you try a new game on the weekend, and will give you lucky numbers to try at the Roulette wheel. It’s all in fun, but once you start reading you’re thinking man – just maybe these guys are right!

So head on over to Zodiac Casino and get that sick Christmas bonus of 2000% on your one dollar deposit.

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