Holy moly are we ever getting close to Christmas!

It’s November 5th – but Christmas has came about 50 days early thanks to us – because we’ve just managed to hook you guys up with not one but TWO insane no deposit bonus.

Both of these no deposit bonuses are exclusive to us and are just the best deals.

In the next few weeks, we’ll see lots of special promotions and bonuses from online casinos in regard to Christmas – but these two special promotions will hopefully tide you over.

Let’s get to them – oh, and Americans can get both of these no deposit bonuses too so yay USA. Practically every country can get them:

WinADay Casino – $38: The first one up is a $38 no deposit bonus at WinADay Casino.

It’s very simple – click that link above – and you will be given a bonus code. Register an account at WinADay Casino and then BOOM – you enter that code and you get yourself $38 free, no deposit necessary or anything.

WinADay Casino is one of the best online casinos. It boasts the awesome games Multi Card Keno(tons of Keno cards at once) known as “Power Keno”, and “Roulette 5” which is what it sounds like: FIVE ROULETTE WHEELS SPINNING AT ONCE.

They’ve also got a lot of great slot machines, such as Alice in Wonderland, and the Birthday Bash. Their slots are all exclusive to them which is cool – my personal favourite is Fair Tycoon.

They’ve also got an entire Penny Slots section with slots such as Dragon’s Lair, and Wild West. Unfortunately they do NOT have any Christmas themed slot machines.

They also offer variations of video poker like Deuces Wild and Aces and Faces.

Get that no deposit bonus people – click here.

The other no deposit bonus is:

Slotland: $36 Free: Just as above – register an account after clicking the above link and getting the unique bonus code – then you’re good to go, with $36 in your account.

Slotland is a really sick casino with the best slots online. You know what else is cool? Their online casino works with the Nintendo WII! Yep – we tried it out and it’s fantastic – works really well.

So many great slots here like Double Luck – a 5 wheel slot machine with 9 paylines. Carnival is another great one – the bonus game is like a shooting gallery in an actual carnival.

They’ve also got Slotris – which is a combination of tetris and slots. They may also have an adult slot machine – you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

And for our christmas themed fans they have a triple video poker game that is santa themed. It’s called Santa Sleigh and is a really cool Christmas game.

For everything, all the details, all the games, and of course the $36 free, click here.

And Merry Christmas in November!

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