We’re at the end of July – and how about we say goodbye to this month with a BANG?

Well – maybe not a BANG but what about some free spins at one of the most popular slot machines online?

It may not be Christmas in July – more like Fall, here in Canada. Just constant rain every day – but it’s nice to get an e-mail from an online casino that brings some sunshine into my day.

This one online casino is more known for their scratch cards – it’s PrimeScratchCards.com.

First things first – I want to note that they also offer 20 free scratch cards for all new users. I first took advantage of this a long time ago and I’m not sure what the scratch card is that you can use the 20 free scratches on now – or if you can use it on all of them. The terms and conditions don’t actually state the scratch card.

But yeah – first things first, head on over to PrimeScratchCards.com and claim the 20 free scratch cards.

Done that? Won money? Lost money? Whatever happened – it’s time to get some more money, no deposit needed.

First of all – by registering, you should have got 25 spins on the slot machine Starburst. So head on over there and claim those. If you didn’t – the scratch card deal might override that – then that’s okay, because you can simply contact customer support.

So contact customer support, and tell them the promo code 25STAR and they will give you 25 additional spins.

So it’s fairly simple but let me put it in a bullet list for you all:

  1. Go over to Prime ScratchCards and register an account.
  2. Get 20 free scratches at the scratch cards. Use those.
  3. Hit the Starburst slot machine and get 25 free spins.
  4. Contact customer support and use the code 25STAR and they will give you 25 additional free spins.

That’s it – very, very easy right?

The Starburst slot machine is also a really fun slot – it’s a 5 reel slot machine with 3 rows and up to 10 lines can be played. You can play it for free as well – simply head over to Prime Scratch Cards and give it a whirl. You’ll have to register for a play money account though – so why not just sign up for the real money account and get the free spins while you’re at it?

Usually you’ll only get “free spins” OR “free scratches” to this is a double whammy – it’s like ordering a big mac and then opening the bag to discover another big mac inside!

Of course unlike the big mac analogy this won’t lead you to a heart attack!

So head on over to Prime ScratchCards as this free spins offer won’t last long. The free scratches will, but the free spins offer is probably going to end within the next few days.

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