Santa’s Surprize follows the golden rule: if what you are offering is awesome, then put a Z in place of an S in the title of it.

Santa’s Surprize is a classic slot machine, offering 3 reels and a single payline. With so many fancy slot machines out there, it’s nice to have a nice simple Christmas slot machine for once.

Santa’s Surprize is available to play at Atlantis Gold Casino.

One interesting feature is it has a set bet size – so if you don’t like to bet too much then it’s not for you. If you prefer penny slots, look elsewhere on the site here.

Santa’s Surprize has the fixed bet amount of $1. However you can also bet up to 4 coins at once – and honestly, it’s best to bet that 4th coin because then you qualify for the bonus round. From playing the game for review purposes, we found that was where we made a fair bit of money. The bonus round was very generous in terms of payouts, and the ROI for you is better playing that.

It features various christmas themed symbols, and also has music playing as well – nice Christmassy music. It’s got a wild symbol which is the stocking, and that’s a substitute for anything but the gift symbol. Also if you get a stocking you get TWICE the prize amount you normally would – and if you get two stockings then you get 4x the amount. Probably one of the best wild symbols you can hope to get.

Play Santa’s Surprize For Free:

Head on over to Atlantis Gold Casino to do just that.

They offer a free online casino along with their real money one, and you can play it either on your computer or via your web browser. Hell – they even allow users to play with their smartphones and tablets these days which is really cool.

You can get all of the fun of Santa’s Surprize without playing it simply be registering. What’s great is Atlantis Gold Casino also offer free spins which you can get real cash for – so it’s worth registering just for that. On top of that, they also e-mail you every few days with MORE free spins. Obviously it’s an attempt to get you to deposit actual money – and hey there’s nothing wrong with that – but I personally have made over $100 from them in 2014 so far just by claiming the free spins when they mail them out.

About Santa’s Surprize

There is no progressive jackpot here. It’s a fairly simple slot machine. It’s a classic slot machine as mentioned with 1-4 coins in wagering, and a single payline. This makes it very simplistic and easy to use. If you’re a new slots player, or never played an online slot machine before but are looking for beginner Christmas Slots to play then this is a perfect one to try out.

As we said it’s free and very easy to use. So take advantage of this great free spins offer they currently have going – and go try out Santa’s Surprize at Atlantis Gold Casino.

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