Christmas Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Is there anything better than a Christmas Slot? Why of course there is! There’s Christmas Slots with Progressive Jackpots.

Winning on a slot machine is one thing – but winning a progressive jackpot? Holy crap yes. And winning it at a Christmas slot? Well that makes for one really great Christmas, that’s for sure.

Sadly not all Xmas slots have progressive jackpots, so I wanted to make up a list of all the slots that DO have the jackpots.

Here is the list – and every link will link to the page on our site with the flash game, or information about the game. I’m also going to list the current progressive jackpot amount. Please note some of these may actually have a set jackpot as opposed to a progressive jackpot, but with so few christmas slots it’s best to list them all on one page.

Christmas Slots with a Jackpot:

In case you’re wondering – nope, those last two are not a typo. Quite a jump, huh? All of the above games with a set jackpot are available at Luxury Casino.

Christmas Slots with a Progressive Jackpot

Here are the current amounts of the Progressive Jackpot Christmas Slots:

Return of the Rudolph: $3,711.38.
Rudolphs Revenge: $24,107.04.
Santa Strikes Back: $7,356.52.
The Elf Wars: $4,197.31.

These are all available at Classy Coin Casino where you can also claim a $25 No Deposit Bonus. Not too bad eh? Visit Classy Coin Casino for that.

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