One of my favourite online casinos is Video Slots because they always know how to brighten your day up. Some casinos hand out free spins constantly to the point where – as silly as it sounds – you actually get sick of it!

That’s why I like Video Slots. All you have to do is be registered there, and occasionally they’ll hand out free spins. But they only do it maybe once or twice per month. And even then – it’s limited to the first 500 users. Sounds harsh? Maybe – but when you get to be one of those 500 users, it’s a really nice “exclusive” feeling ya know?

I received the following in my inbox the other morning:


It really couldn’t have came at a more perfect time, honestly. It arrived at 11pm the other night. The kids and wife were in bed, and I was sitting here relaxing and watching the Oilers vs Canucks game over a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Suddenly I got the above e-mail, rushed over to Video Slots and claimed my free spins. It’s only 5 free spins but whatever – it’s nice to get any spins PLUS try out a new game. There’s a few slots I usually stick to over at Video Slots, so it was nice to try out a new one.

How did I do at Sugar Pop? Fairly well actually! I ended up unlocking numerous ADDITIONAL free spins. Overall I think I had something like 30 free spins just from those 5. It was really cool, and the slot itself is really fun with a bonus pattern.

Here’s how I ended up:


So I made $5.28. All from sitting here for 5 minutes clicking my mouse while sipping on hot chocolate.

Sweet deal, $1 a minute to play slots haha, I could deal with that.

So head on over to Video Slots so you can get these free spin offers. I’m sure with Christmas just around the corner there’ll be more coming soon!

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