It really does feel like Christmas with this special promotion we found today – a $10 no deposit bonus to play Roulette.

No deposit bonuses are fairly common – it’s a great incentive from the online casino to get you to try out their casino at no risk to you. Some of them are great – sign up, get free cash like $10 or $25 and play. There’ll be some restrictions on the games of course, and there’s usually always a maxium cashout of $50 or $100 – but it’s still free cash, and a nice way to spend your day.

Roulette bonuses are a lot less common – even the deposit bonuses. This is due to the house edge in Roulette and the fact that it’s easy to clear a Roulette bonus with little risk to yourself. That’s why most actual roulette bonuses when you deposit, will have crazy wagering requirements where you’re going to be forced to be spending a lot of time at the Roulette tables just to clear it.

But a no deposit Roulette bonus? That’s practically unheard of!!! This may be the first time I’ve ever seen one actually, and that’s why I’m sharing it today and saying it feels like Christmas.

This no deposit roulette bonus comes courtesy of our friends over at That is a great site that covers everything you would ever need to know about Roulette, plus details of where to play Roulette live and online, as well as a variety of other information such as Roulette Betting Systems.

It’s very simple to claim this bonus too – you need to use this special link set up by Play Roulette.

When you click that, you’ll get a page on the Classy Coin Casino website. It offers a $10 free no deposit bonus for Roulette, using the bonus code PLAYROULETTE10.

You can choose to do “Instant Play” for the casino meaning you can play it in your web browser, or choose the downloadable version. I should note I initially tried the download version and I wasn’t happy with it – I think my IE was out of date or something and it seems to use that for various things required within it. Not sure exactly – but I ended up switching to their flash casino, and it’s a lot more fun and works great.

This Roulette bonus works for Americans too, because Classy Coin accept Americans. Man if you’re an American – it truly is Christmas!

Classy Coin Casino offer four different variants of Roulette. They like to keep it SImple – you have your American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. So the 3 basic Roulette games. However they then offer Multiplayer Roulette which I love and am hooked on – you choose your alias and choose a graphic to represent you, aka an avatar, and you’re then sitting at the Roulette tables with a bunch of other people. Just like in an actual casino, and you can chat away to them as you need to.

So head on over to Classy Coin Casino and get that $10 Roulette bonus for yourself.

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