If you’ve been on the internet for awhile, then you’re aware of this casino promotion no doubt. Basically an online casino gives you $500 free, no deposit needed!

The casino in question for this promotion is Casino Classic, one of the most trustworthy and best casinos online. Using the Microgaming software, they’ve been online since 1999, and are a member of the popular Casino Rewards program – one of the best loyalty programs any online casino offers.

But okay – back to the promo in hand; $500? Free? Really? There’s gotta be some sort of catch. You can’t just register at Casino Classic, take your $500 and then head to the grocery store with it, can you?

Of course not. How this promotion works is simple: You register, and then you tell them you are ready! Ready to Rumble! They’ll then put $500 in your account. You get to play for one hour – 60 minutes exactly – and then you get to keep all of your winnings!

You can’t just sit there for 60 minutes twiddling your thumbs unfortunately. You need to place a minimum of 20 bets, as well as win at least $20. So by the end of 60 minutes you need to have wagered at least 20 times, and have your balance be at least $520. Then you’d get the $20 at the end of it.

What’s great is you don’t just have to sit there – if you have made the requirements just 10 minutes in and don’t want to risk anymore, you can simply click “Winning? Quit Early” and you’ll be able to exit out.

Here’s the great thing – and the special Christmas part about it. If you’re losing, you simply click Losing? Try Again, and you get to start AGAIN!

So obviously the strategy for this one is a couple of early bets. Bet as much as you can and try and get up to about $620 on your first go or two. Then just do minimum bets for the rest of them.

Why $620? Because the casino isn’t THAT crazy – there’s Christmas fever and then there’s just madness! There’s a limit to how much you can make, which is $100. So ideally you want to be choosing to quit with exactly $600 in your account.

They also display a timer so you know how much time you have.

Overall this is a great and fun promotion offered, and you best head over to Casino Classic and take advantage of it.

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