They should probably change their name to “Home of the Free Spins” because that’s what Atlantis Gold Casino are basically known as these days; the top online casino which also accepts US players goes crazy with free spins, offering up to 10 free spins per day for the registered user.

Seriously – if you haven’t registered an account there, head over to Atlantis Gold Casino and do that now. Not only do you get free spins just for registering, but they’ll actually e-mail you daily spins for free every freaking day!

With Christmas, they’re of course going all out. They have crazy daily promotions all month. For example for December 8th you get a 123% deposit bonus up to $70,110 on your next deposit! It’s coupon code 123D608M for that. And December 9th they have 208% up to $120,640 on the next deposit. Coupon code 208D608M for that.

For Christmas they are running a hanging Christmas Socks promotion. Basically while you are playing at the casino, you may see Christmas socks pop up. Choose the correct sock, and you will win 30 free spins!

On top of that as mentioned – for Christmas they have upped their new player promotion. It used to be 10 free spins for all new players but for the Christmas season, they’re offering a whopping 20 free spins on all of their casino games which is a really sweet deal.

Atlantis Gold also offer a mobile casino where you can get free spins. Their mobile casino is quite sick and allows you to play via your mobile web browser so it’s maximum compatability. If you want to play Christmas slots on your Android or your iPhone or even your Blackberry it should be able to handle this.

That’s a much better deal honestly because most online casinos that offer a mobile version only offer a limited version of their casino games with only a few games available. And so far from checking none of them have any Christmas games.

Of course Atlantis Gold only have the one Christmas slot which is Santa’s Surprize, but they’ll be adding many more soon.

They’re also running a promotion where if you play Santa’s Surprise, you will get entered into a draw to win $100. That’s a really cool deal because you only have to play ONCE. I claimed my 10 free spins yesterday, won $0.20 and then used that on Santa’s Surprise. I don’t know if I won the $100 but it’s nice to be able to do that with no risk.

So head on over to Atlantis Gold Casino and start claiming all those great free spins.

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