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While cleaning some stuff out, I realized that omigosh I actually still have some Christmas Scratch Cards from that Christmas card collection I have. So oh heck – why not scratch all 3 at once? Here are the 3 remaining cards from the Christmas gift pack: We have Peppermint 7s, Stocking Stuffer and….CROSSWORD. Of course […]

So we’re back for part 2 of the Christmas Gift Pack. It didn’t go too well last time unfortunately. You can read the full blog here. We scratched three cards, and came up with…..$0. Not fun. Not fun at all. This is the gift pack I recieved full of Christmas themed scratch cards: Here is […]

For Christmas I recieved a couple of Christmas scratch cards. I completely forgot about them until now – while pulling down the Christmas tree I saw them sitting there and thought YAY – time for free money! And time to blog about it too! I’ve did two previous scratch card blogs. In the first one, […]

Video Slots 5 Free Spins at Sugar Pop

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

One of my favourite online casinos is because they always know how to brighten your day up. Some casinos hand out free spins constantly to the point where – as silly as it sounds – you actually get sick of it! That’s why I like Video Slots. All you have to do is be registered […]

Christmas Scratch Card: Jack Frost Doubler

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Last time I did a christmas scratch card, we actually had a winner. I bought a $3 Holly Jolly Tripler card and won $5 from it. Love it. So we’re back and hoping for more luck with this next christmas scratch card. This one is called the Jack Frost Doubler and here is what it […]

Christmas Scratch Card: Holly Jolly Tripler

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Obviously by running this site you know that I love Christmas themed casino games. Online, it seems all there is is Christmas Slots. That’s why I like the scratch cards my local store sells – because come Christmas time, many of them switch to a Christmas theme. So as an excuse to buy them I’m […]