So we’re back for part 2 of the Christmas Gift Pack. It didn’t go too well last time unfortunately. You can read the full blog here. We scratched three cards, and came up with…..$0. Not fun. Not fun at all.

This is the gift pack I recieved full of Christmas themed scratch cards:

Here is how the scratch cards look:

We scratched off Crossword, Snow Bank and Silver Bells last time for no luck. So we’re down $10 – although it was a gift – and hopefully with 3 cards left(plus that extra crossword) we can pick up some wins here.

Let’s start with a nice simple one – Mistle Dough Scratch Card:


It’s pretty simple. You scratch the three Lucky Numbers. You then scratch below and there are a list of numbers. If the number matches one of your Lucky Numbers you win a prize.

Let’s get to it. I always scratch the numbers first and then the prize.


And look at that! We hit 25, 16 and 02 and we have a number! That bottom left one is unfortunately NOT 25 although it may look like it – it’s 26.

Let’s see what we have won though:


Hey, $5! can’t beat that! Well you can but hey I’ll take it. Now we’re only down $5 on this Christmas gift pack. Thanks Mistle Dough – you’re a lot less embarassing than your cousin mistle toe!

Let’s move onto Bingo – unfortunately no Christmas theme here except for the design on the card itself:


So we’ll scratch the first row. N41, B8, O69, B3, N43, G60, G51, I25. Also if you want to know how grown up I am – I giggled at “Ooooh 69”. It’s a lame joke from when me and my friend went to bingo years ago. Every time O69 came up we’d just giggle like idiots.

Anyway we’re close to $3 on Game #2 as you can see below:


So let’s scratch the next row and we will hope for 53 and 68.

We get….

I20, O65, O64, G53, N33, B6, G52.

Well we got G53. Let’s see how the card looks:


Just I30 for another win. That’d be sweet. Just one line needed on any card for $3.

2 more rows left, let’s do it.

O73, I28, G58, I27, I26, G56.

Lot’s of Is but not the I we want. We wanted I30 darnit. Here’s how she looks:


And the remaining four are B14, B15, O74 and N34.


Sadly, no wins on that card. Close but no cigar as they say. Oh well.

Let’s move onto the last card in the pack, and my personal favourite – Lucky Lines. Man I love this scratch card.

Here it is:


This is without a doubt my favourite scratch card. So many ways to win, so many prizes PLUS it takes awhile to do – which is what I like in a scratch card – actual entertainment.

Row 1 is scratched and we get a crown, elephant, rainbow, bar, strawberry, candle and a spade. Here’s how it looks:


So cherry for $20 or snowflake for $10 so far. Pretty nice. Let’s scratch row 2.

We get horseshoe, present, CHERRY, star, ornament, ace and tree.

Woohoo so $20 is OURS. That means we’ve made money on this bad boy. I love it! We still are looking for a snowflake or a gingerbread man for an additional prize which would be nice.

Let’s get to it. Here’s how it looks BTW:


Okay onto Row 3 and we get….

Moon. Pot. Plum. Bag of Money. Sled. Grapes. Diamond.


So unfortunately no more wins but oh well I’ll still take $20 out of this for a total of $25.

That’s it for now – I’ll be sure to do the additional Crossword one in a few days and pick up a few more Christmas scratch cards.

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