I really did think it was Christmas this morning, when I checked my e-mail and saw this great offer from the online casino Slots.lv.

Slots.lv is a relatively new casino, focused primarily on – what else – slots? But it is ran by the same guys that run the likes of Bodog, and is clearly one of the most professional and trustworthy online casinos.

Things can’t be going too well in terms of customers there though – because they’ve now released a wicked No Deposit Bonus for all new players – and one that yeah, we NEED to take advantage of because holy crap it’s a good deal.

It’s a very simple deal too – you can head on over to their website and see the details if you want.

Basically though – it’s a $22 no deposit bonus. No need to deposit any cash or anything like that – and you get to try out one of the best online casinos for free, with actual real money.

To take advantage of it, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Slots.LV via this link to activate the bonus and take you to the special landing page.
  2. Click the “Become A Member” button, this will pop up with a registration form where you fill it in.
  3. Upon registration, choose “Bonus” within the casino, and put in the code “SLOTS22”

That’s it – now you have $22 in real cash and can play any of their 160 plus casino games.

The rollover is a bit steep at 100x but hey all you need is one big win early on and you’re good. The maximum withdrawal is $100 – and the key thing to this deal is you can ONLY play it on slot machines.

This also expires August 31st, 2014 so be sure to take advantage of it ASAP. It’s around for this month only I expect and once they have a lot of new casino players in they’ll drop it.

One other reason they are running it right now is during the Summer, casino players online are slow. Many make trips to Vegas etc during that time – especially for the World Series of Poker – so they need to do something to entice people to play online.

Unlike many no deposit bonuses that threaten an expiry date but which are around forever – I get the feeling this one is going to disappear fast so be sure to take advantage of it immediately. After August, this won’t be available.

Hell – if you go to their homepage you won’t even see any MENTION of the no deposit bonus – which is a good sign that it is only a temporary promotion.

On top of that, they currently have a 100% to $5,000 welcome bonus so if you like the casino after playing there(and really – you should) then it’s a great choice for you.

So head on over to Slots.lv and get that no deposit bonus. Merry Christmas in August slots players!

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